What some of our client associations are saying:


“AMC has streamlined and simplified our operations of managing over 800 plus households for over 10 + years and
is a compliment to our all volunteer board. They keep us current with the ever-changing regulations and reporting requirements of HOAs. 
 I highly recommend their services to anyone desiring a professional, conscientious, yet dedicated organization to the HOA communities they serve.”

AMC has always conducted business in a very professional, timely and personal manner.  Specifically, AMC reacted very quickly
to facilitate and aid our Homeowners Association with a membership issue and generated the supporting documents
we needed to respond to the issue right away.  Our AMC coordinator is always on top of the process and gets us what we need
when and where we need it.  Communication between AMC and our Association has been wonderful."

“The staff is very responsive to requests from the board and homeowners.”



“Tani, I just want you to know how much all of us at the Views appreciate your diligence, attention to details and project management!
You were way too modest when you said in your letter that you were service-oriented!”


“Thank you for you support and follow-up, Tani! 
With the way you handle your business matters (prompt, professional, etc.),
you are probably surprised at all of the 'thanks' we keep sending you . . . we've had some ill-experiences in the past.”


"I received and read through the mailing to homeowners.

You're a pro. It's great to feel confident in our management association. What a change from a couple of years ago!"



Regarding homeowner services…"She understands that helping the customer and not passing the buck is paramount in a successful business.
I wish there were more people like Kris in today’s business world!"

"Hey if you ever need a referral....after a year of your services and all we've put you through...definitely get a
'thumb's up' from me and probably most of us!!"

"You are #1 on my list if and when I get another HOA in the Bay Area. You are uniquely gifted to do your job and
 I'd venture to say that in 26 years of being on HOA boards, you are one of the very best I've ever worked with."

"Thank you for all of your help in processing this application. You represented the HOA management in a very
 professional and business like manner."